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Paint a Waterfall and Rocks

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Learning Objectives: saving the whites or leaving the paper without paint. Change values on rocks to indicate the change in planes.

Sketch and Step 1: Paint from top to bottom. Start with a very light wash of cerulean or cobalt blue for the sky. Save the white to indicate a cloud. While the sky is wet, paint the trees in the background with a cool green. Mix sap green with burnt sienna and paint the trees on the left side of the painting.

Step 2: Paint a light wash of burnt sienna on the left side of the hill. 90% water and 10% pigment.

Step 4: Mix a cobalt blue and alizarin crimson or permanent rose to make light lavender. Make puddles of a) burnt sienna, b) burnt sienna and a touch of ultramarine blue (warm gray), c) burnt umber. If the paper is dry, spray water lightly only where you are going to paint. Cover the rest with paper. Apply burnt sienna in a milk consistency, wait until it is damp and use the warm gray on the lower side of the rock. Add the lavender to make a shade next to the trees. Add the burnt umber for the darkest parts of the rocks.

Step 5: paint the right side of the hill with the same colors. Observe the picture.

Add the green tree on the right side. Use a light wash of cobalt blue and lavender for the waterfall and the lake water. Save the whites!

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