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In A Western Town: A visit to an abandoned Hollywood film set in the Santa Monica Mountains.

Brief discussion on how to add watercolor textures with your brush.

There are several ways to add texture in watercolors: with a dry tissue or paper towel, with a thin plastic sheet, splattering paint with your brush, using a toothbrush, etc.

Sketch: Perhaps the most time consuming task is to draw things in perspective as accurate as possible. Use a ruler if you plan to try this exercise. I recommend a rough grain paper, such as Arches or Fabriano Artistico rough.

The palette: burnt sienna, burnt umber, yellow ochre, cadmium red, manganese blue, ultramarine blue, quinacridone pink, violet. Start with light washes of the local colors as shown in the finished painting.

Since this is an old wooden building, it is okay to get it a bit crooked. But the lines in the foreground should be drawn in perspective.

If you are interested in learning perspective, go to Workshops in this site and find a Zoom class in English or Spanish. Or contact me for information on dates and times. Thanks for visiting!

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